Thursday, March 4, 2010


Recently I've been trying to fit a new outlook on my day-to-day bidness...  Whether it's my music, photography, engineering or even just trying to go through one whole day without feeling pegged down...  I'm still letting many things hold me down from moving forward in life...  I have music that I wish to get out there in hopes that other people like it, I have photography that I get amped about, and then the aspiring job in a studio where I can be happy....  but aaaaall these things get delayed in different/little ways...  and who is to blame for all this non-advancingness(yeah, that's right, "non-advancingness")???  Only me!  If that's not frustrating, I truly truly don't know what is.

But I'm trying...  I've set up a wonderful site HERE. It's like a mini portal to "my world"...  The site will eventually allow me to link up to my myspace page for music...  but for now, you can see SOME photos (external hard drive was left in Montreal by accident), access to my twitter account and a link to view my posts on here...


So hopefully my next post will be less about me and more about what I love...  Less "talking with a therapist"-type deal...


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